At the invitation of E.ON Energie AG, the work Musterbau was created in 2007 for the plaza of the E.ON headquarters in Munich. It is an exemplary art museum on three levels, the warehouse on the first floor, the skylight hall and the management room upstairs. However, the interior is turned inside out in an unusual way. From the offices and meeting rooms of the surrounding administrative buildings, different views and perspectives of the work are revealed. 

Bärbel Tannert writes about this in the catalog Musterbau: Insights and Outlooks[?], presented architecturally and with pictorial  forms, which create an interplay with the real architecture, within which  Musterbau is set. In this case, the piazza of the purpose-built corporate building. Curiosity is infused into the viewer who is sent on a journey to explore the introduced labyrinthine structures and the dialogue they create with the building’s architecture. Possibly questions arise: Where do real rooms end in contact with painterly created spatial illusions? What is picture, what is image? Questions that touch our idea of perception and, moreover, soften many of our ideas of urban and existential structures.

  • 2007
  • e.on energie Head Office Munich
  • pigment and binder, lacquer, oil, digital pigment print, Dibond, Forex, OSB, wood and neon tubes, 760 cm (H), 800 cm (W), 400 cm (D)[4]
e.on energie Head Office Munich, 2007, exhibition view